Effective Home Office

      Effective Home Office

      How do we manage to do an effective work from home?

      It’s been known that Home Office comes in all shapes and forms, what makes it work properly is to stick what works for you. When you are a first timer in the home office world, is important not to rush and buy furniture, its recommended to see how it work with what we already have, after working, you can decide is there is something else you could need to improve your performance.

      “Don’t make you bed your Home Office”, its been shown working from bed is very distracting, and poorly effective. The idea is to try to “get” to the office/working space, and to be able to “leave”, from it at the end of the day.

      Organization is the key, but it may have different meaning depending on how you are are how you work. Try to have everything you need near, so that way you won’t need to be moving around and be able to focus more.

      Light is a factor with extreme importance, for good performance as well as for health, make sure the area you are working on has the proper light, it can be natural light during the day and lamps for when it get darker. Its been known that the lighting has an effect in the mood, so choose the light that works best for you. Also, if you are going to spend a lot of time with screens, you may want to protect your eyes from the blue light, especially when working at night.

      Try to make schedules, so you don’t find yourself working all day. If you usually have a routine and specific hour when you go to an office, try to keep them as similar as possible when working from home.