Scaling up meets talent

      We help funded startups to scale up and reach their product development milestone bygrowing their tech team remotely.

      About our Service

      We help talented Mexican software engineers to work with high-tech U.S. startups


      We have found ourselves in front of a fast growing pool of talented Mexican software engineers that are passionate about tech startups that are changing the world. This talented engineers don't look for a "regular" work in the IT industry, they are eager to new challenges and want to work in the edge of innovation.
      Their mid-term goal is to become CTOs of their own startup in Mexico, or a leader dev in a top startup worldwide. 
      So, how does it work?

      • Our engineer(s) become(s) part of your team working full-time (160hrs/month) remotely from our HQ's in Monterrey, Mexico.

      • You define the product scope goal for periods ranging from of 3 to 12 months.

      • You establish the communication framework that best aligns with your team. The engineers are bilingual and trained in Agile.

      • Our engineers live the startup culture everyday. Our Physical HQ's in Monterrey, Mexico are inspired in U.S. Startups environments.


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      Tech Stack

      We focus on these languages.

        PHP Laravel
        React Native


      We provide our engineers with what they need to excel.

        Office space
        High speed connectivity
        Collective technical guidance
        Productivity driven environment
        A ton of coffee and food

      Training program

      We promote learning among our engineers, so they can provide the accountability you need.

        Agile development
        Shared knowledge (Lunch & Learn meets)
        Startup mindset (Lean Methodology)
        Startup culture (group events)

      Pricing Scheme

      Monthly fee per full-time developer

      From $3,350.0 USD

      Junior Dev

      From $4,300.0 USD

      Mid-level Dev

      It takes us 2 - 4 weeks to get a Dev assigned to your startup. Ask us for our pilot programs.

      How fast do you want to build?Let's Talk!