• Where are you primarily based out of?

        Our development office is in Monterrey, Mexico. We have a commercial office in Austin, where a member of our team is based.
      • How large is your organization?

        30 team members in total and growing.
      • Do your developers work on site or are they remote?

        All developers work on site, and we provide them with all the tools and the environment they need to perform their activities. 
      • Do you subcontract/outsource your work?

        No, we hire all our developers and do the work in-house. 
      • Are your projects fixed rate, hourly, or some other pricing scheme? 

        Our pricing scheme is a monthly fee per full-time developer (160 hrs), with an option for hiring over a period of 3, 6 or 12 months. Rate varies. 
      • If working on a project together would we be able to talk directly to the developers?

        Absolutely, this model allows our developers to work on your agile framework, meaning you can establish the communication as desired.