Telesthesia is an innovative real-time messaging tool designed for improving communications in the Operating Rooms.


      A Doctor fueled by entrepreneurial spirit noticed a lack of efficiency in the communications at the rush operating time. He decided to do something about it. After drafting a solution to fix the problem he reached out to Carbono to build the Platform.

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      Building the 1st Software Version

      With great determination to improve the communications in the operating rooms. Telesthesia designed a system that could be embedded into the highly paced operating activity. The initial version was developed to be efficient and reliable so the healthcare professionals could adopt it quickly. 

      Iterating the Product

      Telesthesia's mobile app is being tested among hospitals in the Cincinnati Area. We'll get back with the results soon...

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      Social Profile

      Because of its nature, the Healthcare Industry can sometimes be referred as cold. That doesn't mean that the healthcare professionals don't know how to have fun. In Telethesia's app they can play and add filters to their profile picture.

      HIPAA Compliance

      One of the crucial elements of developing an app for the healthcare industry is that it needs to comply with the regulations that are in effect.

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