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      CarZeus is the fastest and most robust online vehicle value tool on the market.


      An automotive industry leader had an idea to disrupt the automotive retail marketplace. Having the experience and the know-how to solve the problem the only missing piece was an expert team to build the software solution. So, the leader was introduced to Carbono.

      Picture about the company
      Picture about the company

       Building the 1st software version

      With great ambition to disrupt the automotive digital services market. Carzuz hold to the mantra of think big but start small. The initial goal was to have a lean and focused first version of the platform to put it in the hands of the customers as early as possible to validate the solution.

      Vehicle Value Tool

      Carzuz Vehicle Value Tool captures vehicle's information from the public in an enjoyable experience for users and provides the vehicle's value in real time.

      Iterating the Product

      After validating the idea and proving the value to the customers. We started developing new features based on customer's feedback.

      Inventory Acquisition Platform

      Trade - In now!

      Implementing Cross-Platform Solutions

      Having a validated product, the next stage in development was to offer the tool in a Mobile environment and as an Application Program Interface (API).

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